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Iraqi Uranium purchase

Robert Novak may shed some more light on the origin of the Iraqi attempt to purchase uranium from Africa. And here is the Leiby/Pincus story from the July 6th WaPo. All this aside, the political and elite media reaction to this is another story which I hope to comment upon within a week or so; I want to see some things play out first.

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From the first link: "That the British relied on forged documents made Wilson’s mission, nearly a year earlier, the basis of furious Democratic accusations of burying intelligence though the report was forgotten by the time the president spoke." But the point is that the British say they didn’t rely on those documents and we have no way of knowing whether that is true. Why is this guy stating this as a fact?

isnt it funny how we just *had* to be in iraq to save all those people from the iraqi prisons but now that the case is the same in liberia bush wont send anyone there to help. i guess it just depends on how much oil that country has right schrammocles? you are all a bunch of hipocrites.

The last comment really proves Charles Krauthammer’s point, that in the minds of most on the Left, foreign intervention can only be justified if there are no vital national interests at stake.

and your last comments really proves that you are an ignoramus.

boy i sure am glad we have such a good presents over in bagdad.

I am sure that you must have meant "presence" instead of "presents" the things that Santa leaves under the tree for good girls and boys.

too bad the boys and girls in bagdad dont get any presents since the us is murdering them!!!

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