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Some oddities

If you’ve got nothing better to do, read on. General Motors will start producing Hummer H2’s in Russia. They think they can sell 400 per year, at about $85k to $110k each. Because it would seem that many thousands of high school students will not pass the state of New York’s strengthened Regents Exam, many are calling for lowering the standards. A man got two DUI’s in the same night from the same cop. It’s a good thing he lives in North Carolina rather than New York. I bet he wouldn’t have passed the new Regents exam. Hundreds are hurt in India when two villages participate in an ancient ritual of stone throwing. The injuries are fewer than last year. Why do they do this? To commemorate the two lovers--one from each village--who tried to elope, but the villagers stoned them to death. FBI agent fined for killing a lobster in Las Vegas restaurant. He was attending an accounting seminar. A fisherman, posing with a shark he had just caught, gets bitten and is rushed to the hospital. Student plagiarists get caught by teachers pasting questionable phrases into Google. I never would have thought of that. A prison escape in Argentina goes well, five escape through the whole, but the sixth, the fat man, gets stuck; the twenty four waiting behind him had to call the guards for help. A privacy group, aiming to show the ease with which private information may be obtained, got the social security numbers of CIA chief Tenet, and others, off the internet for $26. Das ist alles.

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