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Debra Saunders beats up on Bustamante for his position on illegal immigrants: "He does not believe the state should distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants." This position, and his low-keyed arrogance in the debate, didn’t help him any. I have been watching the talking heads (especially the Democrats) about the California race, and just based on the spin they put on it, it is clear to me that Bustamante will not win. And Simon and Issa have endorsed Arnold, as are the GOP chairman of the 58 counties. The pressure on McClintock will now become serious. I’m waiting for the next poll. That should do it.

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A Message from Tom: We Can Win This Election!

Dear Friends,

This election is very different in many ways. I think it is the first time in my political life that I honestly believe that the vast majority of voters "get it."

The voters know that our state has been driven into the ground by Gray Davis and the truly ultra-liberals in control of the state legislature. The voters also know the only way out is to recall Davis—and replace him with someone who understands how to balance the budget, and who will not falter from balancing the budget.

During last night’s debate, our "" web site received over $43,000 from four thousand new supporters of "our" campaign. I say that it’s our campaign because the only way I can win is because of you and every single person who is helping just like you.

We have a target figure for radio and television advertising that is $800,000 for the last week. That goal is within reach if we all stick together. We’ve already raised $312,531 with a few more days left in order to raise the money we need.

I am asking you to please do all you can to help us reach that goal. Every dime we raise is going directly to television and radio!

Thank you for everything.


Senator Tom McClintock

PS: There are daily rumors from the Arnold camp that I am about to drop out from this race. As I stated at the debate and to the press last night, I made a promise to you, my loyal supporters, that I was in this race to the end. That is a promise that I plan to keep. Our campaign is the one with the message and the momentum to win this race on October 7.

Just what is it about: "That is a promise that I plan to keep." -that you don’t understand?

"What’s up with Arnold? More than most of us want to see. Turns out that Schwarzenegger was a favorite subject of homosexual celeb-photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, whose estate has a stash of photos of Arnold in ’errotic poses,’ and may release them prior to the election. Of course, as this is a Ko-lee-for-knee-ah Goober-natorial election, the photos will likely help Arnold’s cause."

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