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McClintock’s virtues

George Will writes very clearly about both the Ninth Circuit decision and the candidacy of Tom McClintock. I saw McClintock on C-Span the other day--I think it was a debate with the "blazingly undistinguished" (as Will calls him) Bustamante and a few others--and it was absolutely clear that McClintock is the superior candidate. He was the professor and the others were the flailing students. Here is Will: "Only one California candidate, State Sen. Tom McClintock, is, like Thatcher, a ’conviction politician’ prepared to discipline the nanny state. He has a Thatcherite charm deficit but -- perhaps these attributes are related -- determination to summon California, as Thatcher summoned Britain, up from infantilism.

He has her determination to revive what she called ’the vigorous virtues’ -- entrepreneurship, deferral of gratification, individual initiative, personal responsibility in making appetites conform to resources. Together these aptitudes can be called adulthood."

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"McClintock Wins Another Debate"

"The only way to resolve it, finally, is full public financing," he said.

Bustamante did not elaborate on what he meant but his comment was welcomed by Camejo and ridiculed by McClintock.

"I want to point out to everybody listening a little moment of history here - we just had the leading candidate of the Democratic party come out for full public financing. ... I want to congratulate Bustamante and support him totally," Camejo said.

Well there’s a great idea," McClintock said. "In the middle of the worst fiscal crisis in this state’s history we’re going to take money away from the schools, away from health care, away from all the vital services of government and give it to politicians to run their campaigns." From: "Four prominent candidates clash at California recall debate" By: Erica Werner, Associated Press

Tom McClintock - "The Real Terminator"

Bustamante proves conclusively that he is not part of the solution and definitely part of the problem.

My Wife and I were certainly impressed with Tom’s responses in the debate between the leading candidates for Governor. Tom was clearly the winner.
We wish that he would challenge Governor Davis to a debate. We feel that this will show The Governor up for what he is,a weak leader who has turned our beautiful State into a disaster, in the short time that he has been in charge.
The polls show that Davis is gaining strength in his quest to have the citizens vote no on the Recall. I feel that Tom could definitely change this trend if Davis would accept a debate with Tom McClintock, and strengthen Tom’s chances for winning the election.

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