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Wesley Clark on Chris Matthews

I saw five minutes of Chris Matthews’ interview of Gen. Wesley Clark. The conversation revolved around Bush’s speech, Iraq, and the war on terror. Clark was vehement in his criticism of almost everything the administration has done: Iraq shouldn’t have happened, took away from the war on terror; we need more troops in Iraq; we were utterly unprepared for what would follow the war; we shouldn’t have gone alone; we have created more terrorists than there would have been without Iraq; there is no policy, no strategy. It was pretty comprehensive. At one point he said something like this (paraphrase, but close), "This administration thought that going into the Middle East would like playing hop-scotch, that they would just hop from one country to another, as they pleased." He was clear and vehement. The president, in short, is a miserable failure. Not exactly the tight-lipped and careful commentary on CNN that we got used to. If he is not going to run for president, I’ll eat my Irish hat. On the other hand, it is possible that he is running for secretary of state.

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General Wesley Clark can be questions for this tactics in Kosovo. Other Generals say they would not vote for him because he had a itchy trigger finger in fighting wars.
He should be asked about this and the bloodshed still going on there. The ethnic cleansing has been reversed now with the Albania majority forcing the Serbians to flee for their lives.
It is quite similar to the debacle in Iraq that he is against.
Most likely he will be the Vice President candidate with most likely Hillary Clinton running as President. Many believe Hillary will make her move now.
They are still both Globalists and Free Traders which are the root causes of the terrorism and wars today. See Tapart Real News and Art that Talks at The most important issue of our times is the need for real jobs and both Democrats and Republicans have been one in betraying the American Worker. It was President Clinton, a Democrat, and a Democrat controlled Congress that led the way in passing NAFTA, GATT and the WTO trade agreements. President Bush followed in their footsteps in bombing out workers. The real war on terrorism should start with all the terror related to the most massive dislocation of jobs in history. General Clark, Dean and Bush are all Globalists. There is very little difference between any of them concerning the issue of jobs. View and

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