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Howard Dean is a Metrosexual

While campaigning in Colorado, Howard Dean declared that he is a Metrosexual.

What’s that you ask? Read on in this Denver Post report.

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"Metrosexual" -- is that a five-syllable word meaning "fop"?

This is better than Dukakis in the tank. Is this on video anywhere?

My goodness! Talk about emboldening Islamofacists and terrorists. And people seriously want to elect this guy to be commander-in-chief during wartime?

A Presidential candidate getting up in public and not only using the term "metrosexual," but declaring himself one, and then admitting that he has no idea what it means???? And calling himself a square at the same time? I count four political suicides in as many sentences. Truth is stranger than fiction. This clown belongs on "Saturday Night Live." No acting required; just a good campaign speech.

Nicely said, Mr. Donatini!

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