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"It’s restored my belief in God."

That’s how Terri Schiavo’s father has described the Florida legislature’s passage of a bill to save Terri’s life. Terri is being rehydrated thanks to the new Florida law that empowered Governor Jeb Bush to order her feeding tubes restored. The bill passed the House 73-24 and the Senate 23-15, and Bush signed it within minutes of passage. FoxNews has this story.

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The Fox News article is inaccurate on the matter of the Nancy Cruzan matter, which was a MISSOURI case (pesky M states).

Isn’t it curious that Missouri is such a focus of right to life and right to die groups?

"I’ve never seen a case in which the state legislature treats someone’s life as a political football in quite the way this is being done," said Tribe.

That would be Laurence Tribe of Harvard and Al Gore slobbering atack dog during the Florida 2000 vote and count and recount...

So the State Legislature acts to keep someone alive at the express wishes of her parents and that is "ploitical football"? The man is contemptible.

Kudos to Fox News for correcting the story (it now properly refers to the Cruzan case as being from Missouri). However, they should have fact-checked better in the first place, and they really ought to go read the Cruzan case (because Tribe is misrepresenting the Court’s holding, which in actuality DECLINED to find an absolute constitutional right to die that trumped Missouri’s procedural safeguards).

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