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More notes on Saddam

Bill Safire has some thoughts; he also explains the origin of the term "spider hole." Austin Bay thinks it’s great news, and the capture and the trial will give Iraqis the opportunity to establish the rule of law. William Saletan thinks that this doesn’t necessarily assure that Bush will be re-elected. George Will explains, persuasively, that it will be good for Iraq to have a trial in Iraq. And he points out how Kerry and Dean have revealed their true selves in responding to Saddam’s capture. It’s been a good week for George Bush.

Jim Hoagland includes in his piece this memorable line from Saddam when visited by four Iraqi Governing Council members. One of them asked him: "Why didn’t you fight?" Hussein gestured toward the U.S. soldiers guarding him and asked his own question: "Would you fight them?" Touche!
After Saddam gave himself up in the hole by saying that he wanted to negotiate, an American soldier said this to him: "President Bush sends his regards." Perfect. Apparently his capture--either because of what he said or some documents he had with him--has led us to some other key bad guys.

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