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And Still MORE O’Neill Bashing

A review of George Soros’s book in Barron’s last week (not available online) began with a remark that applies to O’Neill as well as Soros. Journalists (and academics) are often taunted with the old saw, "If you’re so smart, how come you’re not rich?"

Well, Soros--and O’Neill--prove that the opposite is possible; you can be rich, but not smart.

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I just heard on the Radio that O’Neill was on The Today Show with the perky Katie and pretty much back tracked on most every thing he had charged Bush with! He even said he was probaly going to vote for Bush. Is it true?

Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t know if it’s true. Nothing surprises me in politics. I’ll pay attention.
Maybe if he is backtracking already, the liberal media frenzy will back off a bit. CNN was loving this stuff, last night.

Yes, I understand it is true. Tim Graham of the indispensible Media Research Center mentions this on NR’s Corner this morning, and Jonah Goldberg wondered "Who put a horse’s head in O’Neill’s bed last night."

I bet CNN does not mention it tonight! So much for the Dems scandal!

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