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Colorado students complain of bias

The Denver Post reports on a student movement at the University of Colorado, Boulder, led by the College Republicans, to identify and publish examples of bias among liberal members of the faculty. Here is the web site of the College Republicans. It goes almost without saying that many liberals are up in arms about this. "I’m shocked the students would resort to this," said Barbara Bintliff, a CU law school professor and chairwoman of the Boulder Faculty Assembly. "I’m concerned they may wind up with a blacklist or engage in an attempt to censure certain professors." Interesting how today’s liberal professors are up in arms when students become activists. Back in my days (in the ’60s) all the liberal professors encouraged students to be active (demonstrate, rave and rant, publish lists of professors who were against their political views, etc.) and to pay attention to students’ demands and interests, but now, when students disagree with the establishment liberal views, they are talking about blacklists and such. I remember as a student at San Fernando Valles State College (now Cal State, Northridge) that we had to physically protect professors from the New Left which was starting to devour its own: we were protecting the ordinary liberal profs (almost all of them Democrats, by the way) from physical attacks by the New Left "activists." I find all this amusing.

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What was that about never trusting antone over 30! Tee-Hee

Not only that, Bintliff is also the law librarian at CU Law School.

Aren’t librarians suposed to be at the forefront of giving people as much information as possible in order for them to reach an informed decisions.? Oh, I forgot that only applies to the correct type of information.

N.B. I’m a librarian.

Pcheck knows his craft and colleagues.

As former president of the Colorado chapter of the National Association of Scholars, I’m well aware of the tolerance on Colorado campuses. I was present at a speech by Ward Connerly at Colorado University, Boulder. He was met by rows of students dressed in KKK outfits.

Unfortunately, such crazy behavior does not encourage thoughtful criticism either. NAS strives to do so.

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