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Iraq notes

You might remember that the actor Sean Penn
went to Iraq in December 2002 (before the war) and started pontificating about it all and was (surprise) anti-war. He has gone back and written this about his trip. It is by no means a full vindication of our actions, but he has clearly moved some from his original position. At least he sees the the Iraqis have tasted freedom, and they like it. It appears in the

San Francisco paper.

Slate features a conversation between liberals who are in favor of the war (Hitchens, Berman, Freidman, et al) that is kind of interesting. There will be other installments. Tom Ricks reports in the WaPo about the report by Jefferey Record study done for the Army War College about how the army is overstretched, and how the post-war planning in Iraq was bungled. Debatable, but worth reading.

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