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Saddam as a POW

Saddam n ow has POW status. I don’t think this means anything large. In fact, the status can be changed--as far as I can tell--at virtually any time, especially if he had anything to do with the post-war insurgency movement. I also do not think this prevents us from handing him back to the Iraqis for trial. Phil Carter’s essay on what the trial might look-like (he wrote it in December, just after Saddam was caught).

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If Marin is the nominee of the GOP many Republicans vow that they’ll vote for Boxer or a third party candidate or not at all.

Former Governor Pete Wilson, who Marin used to work for, has just endorsed her rival Bill Jones. Wonder why? Maybe Wilson knows that Marin isn’t good for California and will help turn it into Mexico.

The following is from the September 24, 1999 Dallas News:

"HUNTINGTON PARK, Calif.--Rosario Marin is mayor of what she proudly calls ’the most Mexican city outside Mexico.’"

"[S]he [Ms. Marin] took joy in pointing out the unbroken ranks of
Spanish-language stores and estaurants. Huntington Park, once a white stronghold, is 98 percent Latino. More than eight in 10 of its residents are ethnic Mexicans, many of them undocumented immigrants.

"’Can you believe it?’" said Ms. Marin, 41. She was wheeling along Pacific Boulevard, past a long row of bridal shops that cater to Latinas. ’Look at all those bridal stores. Look at them!’"

The truth is that brown racists ran the white people out of Huntington Park which was once a safe and nice city, but which is now a major slum known for crime and riots.

H. Millard

Your articles are great and should be recommended reading for all white Americans.

That said, keep up the good work.

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