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Bush is Smarter

Here’s another article on how smart George W. Bush is. Michael Segal argues in that W is smarter than the intellectuals who disdain him.

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As I’ve written previously, almost all conservatives are labeled as "stupid," unlearned, and unread. So-called intellectuals and liberals assume that anyone who has been educated and reads a lot of books will naturally become "enlightened" to their point of view. The great disdain for Reagan, Quayle, Bush Sr. & Jr., Buckley, Bennett, Gingrich, etc., as well as conservative journals and magazines are almost palatable. Any advanced degree at an elite institution by these folks also carries some derogatory comment about how it really wasn’t earned. It is a real statement that both historians like Alan Brinkley write scholarly articles in the Journal of American History about the "discovery" of the history of conservatism or that the New York Times is actually going to "investigate" conservatism. They are astounded and incredulous that people who are educated actually believe in these ideas. And, I think that the truth is that they really won’t get it, but attack it as pseudo-intellectualism or some kind of paranoia like Richard Hofstadter. But, we’re out there in schools, universities, media, and most importantly, our homes raising our children on great ideas, great books, and objective moral truths - maybe even a little religion! And, we question the truths of the liberal culture like those Sixties radical professors espoused.

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