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Kerry and Edwards

Noam Scheiber reflects on the Wisconsin vote and points out that the more discerning voters went for Edwards and the less educated, blue collar voters (perhaps oddly given Kerry’s elitist liberal background) voted for Kerry and thinks this is bad news for Kerry. Michael Barone’s take on the Wisconsin outcome notes that the race is not yet over. Edwards still has a chance to beat Kerry, and super Tuesday is the time to do it. Hugh Hewitt has a few words to say about Kerry’s anti-war activity in the 1970’s, and he does not think it will prove to be to his advantage. Good read. Also note this
(PDF file) of John Kerry’s in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971. It is not only revealing about Kerry, but reminds us what Senators Fulbright, Aiken, Pell, et al, were like, and reminds me why I did not like them at the time.

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