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Spain’s election

It looks like the Socialists have won in Spain. It seems that they got about 43% of the vote against the 37% for the Popular Party (with 80% of the votes counted). If--as news reports are saying--this is a revulsion against the anti-terror (and pro Iraq war) policies of Jose Maria Aznar, then it is a very bad sign, and not only for a change in Spain’s policies toward our effort in Iraq. It is a bad sign because if (and I say IF) al Qaeda is responsible for the Madrid attacks--as a payback for Spanish support of our policy in Iraq--and if the Spanish people think that that is why they were attacked just a few days before an election, and, therefore, the government changes hands to one that is less likely to maintain a vigorous anti-terrorist policy, then we may expect more of the same in other countries (and why should this exclude the U.S., after all we have an election coming up?). Que lastima!

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So let me get this straight--200 Spaniards are killed in a horrific terrorist attack, and the people of Spain lash out with fury against their own government? They hear that Al Qaeda is angry because Spanish troops are in Iraq, and they conclude that the terrorists are right? What sort of people are these? Are these truly the descendants of the men who drove the Moors from Iberia, and conquered the better part of Central and South America?


What? Vote for the government or vote for the terrorists, is that it?

It seems to me that the Spanish government was looking for a way to bow out of the war. This terrorist act was just a convenient excuse at the expense of innocent lives. God forbid they stay in the war and squash the terrorists responsible for the killings. Sounds a little to "french".

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