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The March of the Hippies

On the ride to the Green Zone yesterday, we encountered more traffic than usual. This led my cabbie to do things like drive on the sidewalk on the bridge crossing the Tigris (which led me to accidentally offer a yiddish phrase, something I have tried to avoid in Baghdad). As we got closer to the gates to the Green Zone, the source of the traffic jam became obvious. There was a small protest, which was marching through the center of the street before it finally had the sense to get out of traffic. But there was something different about this protest. The marchers were not Iraqis. They were clearly foreign, which is to say, European and American. They were hippies (large download that requires Real Player, but worth it for South Park fans). My taxi driver that day was Hasen, a driver who often picks me up from the hotel, and whose broken English strikingly resembles Peter Stormare’s portrayal of the Russian cosmonaut in Armageddon. As we approached the crowd, he exclaimed, "What?! They are not even Iraqi. What are they, Spanish!" It is good to see the Iraqi sense of humor shine through.

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