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Iran’s New Year

According to the web-based Iran Press Service, for "the first time in more than 25 years, Iranians were able to celebrate their age-old, traditional and cherished New
Year ceremonies in almost total freedom, as the ruling clerics, most of them opposed to any pre-Islamic symbols of Iranians, had ordered the security and police forces not to prevent people commemorating No Rooz, meaning new day and starting on 20 of March, the beginning of spring time." The celebrations include such colorful festivities as Chahar Shanbeh Soori, when people make bonfires "over which they jump, saying ’my yellowish to you, your reddish to me’, meaning throwing into the fire all the bad, sad, unhealthy things, symbolised by the yellow colour, they had faced during the year, replacing it with happiness, health and joy, of which red is a symbol." According to the Press Service, "the victory of the conservatives in the 20 February Legislative elections is certainly one of the reasons the authorities decided to be more friendly with the people, but the real motive is that they were genuinely afraid that if they continue to oppose the celebration, they might face a popular unrest." One political dissident and journalist says that the "the people, mostly the young generation, are so angry with the regime and the way the last electoral farce has been played... that a small spark could set an explosion."

It’s customary in these parts to raise a toast as a hopeful day approaches, so here’s to the Iranian people: May it be a new year after all.

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To Whom It May Concern:
I urge every one who has brain in the US to help young Iranians and the Iranian anti regime to remove those mullahs. I am not saying that the US should go and invade Iran the same it did in Iraq but to support those who are against this terrorist regime. We will never see stable Iraq or stable Middle East without the removal of the Mullah government by secular democratic government in Iran.

Come on Najwa. This is not the solution.

You need to be realistic.

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