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No Left Turns

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Just got back from an all-too-brief vacation to New Orleans. It’s our fifth time there, and we no longer feel compelled to do the touristy stuff--it’s just walk around, eat, do some shopping, and enjoy adult beverages (in roughly that order).

Anyway, just happened to turn on Fox News while we were there, and they were running a piece on blogs and how they might affect the 2004 campaign. They ran a few quick images of some of the big blogs, then lo and behold an image of "No Left Turns" appeared. Unfortunately there’s no mention of the blog at the on-line version of the story.

Okay, I can’t resist sharing a funny story from the trip. We were in the cab on the way back to the airport. The driver was Cajun to the core--right off the bayou, it seemed. We noticed that the airport in New Orleans (by the way, it’s a good thing we weren’t flying out Friday, when the president was in Baton Rouge for the LSU commencement--apparently the airport was crazy) was now called Louis Armstrong International Airport. We knew it was called something else last time we were there, but couldn’t remember what, so we asked the driver. He must have told us about a half-dozen times before we realized he wasn’t saying "What’s that?" in Cajun deflection, but rather "Moisand."

Hmm. Guess you had to be there.

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"Blogs bypass traditional media outlets and provide unusual, unfiltered perspectives on politics, but critics caution that the credibility of blogs varies with the credibility of the writer."

Speaks volumes.

"the credibility of the blogs varies with the credibility of the writer."

Of course...but
"the credibility of the media varies with the credibility of the reporter."

The sentence casts doubt on blogs specifically by adding a statement whose truth has wider parameters.

In addition to this the word "critics" is a painfull substitute for "they say", which of course is meant to say something without anything being traceable back to a living breathing person.

To me at least, "caution" advocated by "they" saying speaks volumes.

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