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The horror of the Iraqi prisoner abuse

This story about some U.S. soldiers abusing and/or torturing Iraqi prisoners is simply awful. While it should go without saying that such immoral behavior is an anomaly, yet it is a horror and should be acknowledged as such, as the President has already done. The people, the stupid, heartless, vile people--from the privates to the generals--responsible for this must be brought to justice. In my anger I am am even willing to consider bringing them up on charges of aiding the enemy, for surely these actions and photos--splashed across all TV screens and newspapers in Iraq, and the world--will make our good work in the region all the more difficult. How could it not? The justice to come should be harsh and swift and public.

Here is Spencer Ackerman’s take on the matter, Ralph Peters calls it an American disaster. Phil Carter thinks it’s criminal, disgusting, makes his stomach turn, and is truly reprehensible stuff. He wants to throw the book at the whole chain of command that allowed this happen. Sgt. Stryker is enraged. The Arab world is outraged.

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Further, it suggests a low level of morale among our troops in Iraq and lowers the morale here and in Iraq. As if the crime itself weren’t enough.

So, Peter, Lynndie England got what, 6 months? Do you think that’s adequate? What have the highest level participants - or those who looked the other way and/or allowed it to occur - received for punishment? Punishment that fit the crime of "aiding the enemy"? Plenty of guys have received harsher penalties here at home for swiping tv sets and golf clubs.

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