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The Book that Kofi Annan Doesn’t Want You to Read

Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit is off for vacation, and one of the books he’s bringing with him is Emergency Sex and Other Desperate Measures : A True Story from Hell on Earth. Written by three UN employees (two former and one current), it exposes the corruption that has suffused the organization’s operations in Haiti, Kosovo, Liberia and Somalia. According to the Daily Telegraph, Kofi Annan is not amused.

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Maybe the book isn’t worth reading. If you aren’t convinced by oil for food scandal and other reports, then you probably accept that the U.N. is justified a few misdeeds by some of its members on account of a noble mission which is not detracted from by the actions of a few rougue members. If like me you oppose the U.N. on the grounds that it makes a mockery of good government, i.e. Lybia hosting Human Rights Panel, insists on "multilateralism" which means its permission and is in essence toxic to american interests and sovereingty, then this is just a small fry.

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