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Edwards and the economy

Now that it is confirmed that John Edwards is Kerry’s VP choice, it should be noted that the three reasons he was chosen were these: One, add sorely needed energy to Kerry’s campaign, which he will do, with the media’s help. Two, emphasize the economy, a Democratic strategy at all times, especially banging the drums on the rich vs. poor, and Edwards’ "two Americas" theme does this well. Three, help the Demos in the South, not necessarily because Edwards will help take any southern states, but because at the least it will force the GOP to spend some more money in some southern states. But note this AP story on the economy: The GDP growth might be the highest in twenty years. "The economy appears headed for a banner year despite a springtime spike in energy prices and a recent increase in interest rates.

In fact, many analysts are forecasting that the overall economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, will grow by 4.6 percent or better this year, the fastest in two decades.

There were strong 4.5 percent growth rates in 1997 and 1999, when Bill Clinton was president and the country was in the midst of a record 10-year expansion.

But if this year’s growth ends up a bit faster than that, it will be the best since the economy roared ahead at a 7.2 percent rate in 1984, a year when another Republican president - Ronald Reagan - was running for re-election."

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Mike Flake over at the Cheesebox, emailed me to remind me that...

In the primaries, Edwards said Kerry was in the pocket of special interests; Kerry said about youngster Edwards "this is no time for on the job training."

The GOP should put that in a tv commercial and run it every day until the election.

I thought that was interesting. So, what? were they lying then? or are they lying now when they choose to come together on the same ticket. A trial lawyer and a flim-flam man. Yeah! That’s really good for America.

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