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Powerline points us to the twenty-five largest contributors to 527’s. It should not surprise you that only one is a Republican. Note that Peter Lewis has given about 14 million, while George Soros has given about 12 million. I think the Swift Vote Vets have spent about one million so far. I would say they are getting their money’s worth. Also see this morning’s Washington Post’s piece on the total amount of money raised by both the campaigns and 527’s. so much for campaign finance reform. As Charles Krauthammer put it about a week ago: "You wanted campaign finance reform. You got campaign finance reform. McCain-Feingold promised to take the money out of politics. If you believed that, you deserve what you got."

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Congressman Chris Shays and his ilk, who do not much care about either limited government or the Republican party, can be forgiven for supporting McCain-Feingold. But the president who signed it and the conservative pundits who predicted that it would be advantageous for Republicans have not an egg but a whole omelet on their face.

If Democrats uniformly support a bill having to do with elections, it cannot possible be advantageous to Republicans. Any analysis to the contrary presumed that Democrats would obey what would appear to be the meaning of the law. Anyone who presumes either timidity or good faith by Democrats is almost too stupid to be part of the political process.

Thanks to this hideous, unconstitutional law, they will outspend us, because they have lots and lots of rich people on their side who are willing to give vast sums of money. Our people are either not as rich or not as generous.

Our only recourse at this late date is people power.

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