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A new Newsweek Poll shows Bush’s lead "slowly deflating." Bush now leads Kerry, 49-43% among registered voters. (A week ago it was 52-41).

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Complacency is our enemy.

A few hours of convention speeches helped, as did the Swift Boat vets and Kerry himself.

But what we are up against is still very, very powerful. We will need to work hard to re-elect this president.
The typical Republican instinct is to assume that the voters "get it" and don’t need to be pushed. Too often this is a cover for laziness or timidity
on our part.

We need to get out and GRAB this election by grabbing our fellow citizens. To do less is to ask for defeat.

Bush got quite a bounce from the convention but only a week later and he’s lost three points. Though Kerry’s campaign is not doing the best, like it or not, hard work will win this election, not optimistic thinking.

Take a look at the new Time poll.

A week ago, both Time and Newsweek polls showed Bush up by 11. Now, the Newsweek poll shows an erosion of support BUT THE TIME POLL FOUND THE 11 POINT LEAD UNCHANGED.

Also, in last weeks polls, both companies appeared to have oversampled Republican respondents. The new Time poll (with Bush still up by 11 has more Democrats in the sample than Republicans - or roughly the same number).

The internals are also worth reading. Kerry is losing across the board.

Sorry, I don’t have the link, but the article is titled "Poll: Bush Bounce Persists"

Cheers all

Just wait...

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