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The problem with gay marriage

Kay S. Hymowitz argues that there is a connection between marriage and self-government, self-reliance, as understood by the American Founders; she calls it republican marriage. Very thoughtful. David L. Tubbs & Robert P. George contend that the redefinition of marriage that the proponents of same sex want will have profound, and ill consequences, especially for women and children. Susan M. Shell, touching on Hymowitz’s argument, contends that the liberal individualism (of, say Locke) demands a limit political and moral limit, proponents of gay marriage to the contrary notwithstanding.   

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This made me think think health care is central to this debate. Obviously gay "marriage" comes from the left wing, and welfare benefits are a foot in the door for the left for "free" health care for all. Assert your personal freedom and have as many kids as you want out of wedlock with as many fathers as you want because the state will pay for the cost. Unfortunately the takers become passive socialists. I don’t want to pay for it.
For the adopted children of gay marriage and welfare kids with no mom or dad- It’s OK... there are no consequences for failing. The state will scoop you up in its loving arms. Yes- this means more property arrangements for the state to tax, defend suits against, and write rules for; but no children will be hurt. How F’n glorious. Then private employers will eventually be required to cover "spouses". If a company denies a spouse’s right to health insurance then lawyers can sue. This will stimulate the economy. Viva the revolution. Lots of torn rectum lawsuits. Jobs for kids hatched in the think tank. In the meantime I’ll just keep looking out for my own kids. Forget about the village.

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