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A reader brough this to my attention, and I thank him. Rasmussen tracking poll has Bush up 49% to 45%.
"This is the first time that Bush has reached the 49% mark in the Tracking Poll since Kerry wrapped up the Democratic nomination on Super Tuesday (March 2). It’s also the first time Bush has been up by four points since April 26." Note: "Three-quarters of the interviews for today’s report were completed after Monday’s Convention speeches by John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. Half were completed after the Tuesday speeches by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Laura Bush."

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Holy Cow. They did not even hear Zell Miller yet and the needle is already starting to bury. This is a three day rolling average poll, at least as I understand it. Thus the full play of the convention wont be seen until Sunday or Monday.

If 20 million people saw Zell Miller last evening ( thast is about the television audience in the Tuesday sweeps which had Fox having the highest ratings) and each of them mentions it to three fellow workers or friends, 80 million Americans are now talking about the Democrat who ripped to shreds the Democrat nominee. I think the currect Democrat response of trying to call him names is not going to be very effective, but what else do you do? Start talking about secret CIA missions?

I think it was Newt Gingrich who said last night (before Zell’s speech ) he saw it going 58 42 for Bush. I thought he was crazy as a loon. Now I am thinking it might well be a blowout of thast proportion. How many butts are clenching in campaign headquarters for Democrat Senate candidates across the country right now?

58-42 is a bit much. I expect that Kerry’s new staff are a little smarter than those who he’s quietly pushing out. Probably not by much, but enough to get Kerry the heck away from foreign policy. If he tries to swin those waters in this campaign he’ll get crushed...

I really expect that he’ll try to hammer Bush on the domestic side almost exclusivly now. Again, I’m assuming some level of political competence from the Kerry people. But hopefully Zell’s barn burner will keep them so angry they won’t let go! Any more of this "misled" to war in Iraq, and Kerry will go the way of Dukakis...

A bit much you say. Well I admit I thought it was crazy too but if Time mag, no Republican rag it, has it today 52-41 and undecided are breaking 2 to 1 to Bush according to a couple small focus groups then 56/43 is quite foreseeable. Even probably the right call if votes were cast today.

What will be intersting is whether Kerry can hold the 41 or once all hope appears lost than many of the ABB hard lefties go and vote their conscience which of course if Ralphie. Or the socialist workers party...

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