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Afghanistan Reborn

Charles Fairbanks writes a terrific (and long) article on what a great success Afghanistan has been. He find it all remarkable and much to the advantage of the Afghans (and the U.S.). Fairbanks is a prof at Johns Hopkins/SAIS, and runs their Central Asia-Caucasus Institute.    

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Certainly puts this "war on terror" into perspective. It would be just to have obliterated the country and left it to mend its own wounds. But to rebuild it ourselves--therein lies humanity.
His mention of the 3 men who went back to Afghanistan to serve in the government reminded me of the Edwards-Cheney debate. When VP Cheney spoke of El Salvador in comparison to the Afghan elections, one could not help but be stirred deep within one’s soul. Human beings are human beings, and when they can taste freedom, they are willing to die for it. Little John didn’t know what to say...
Perhaps Americans can learn some lessons from Afghans about patriotism, sacrifice for the Good, and courage. In Afghanistan, being "disenfranchised" is getting shot at the voting polls or having your wife raped because you have a voter registration card. In America, it means having to actually show up at the right polling location!

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