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Fair game Mary Cheney

Bill Safire explains that Kerry used the fact of the Cheney daughter’s lesbianism was "part of a deliberate Kerry campaign strategy." The campaign thought it was a no-lose proposition. "One purpose was to drive a wedge between the Republican running mates. President Bush supports a constitutional amendment limiting marriage to a union of a man and a woman; Cheney has long been on record favoring state option, but always adds that the president sets administration policy. That rare divergence of views is hardly embarrassing.

The sleazier purpose of the Kerry-Edwards spotlight on Mary Cheney is to confuse and dismay Bush supporters who believe that same-sex marriage is wrong, to suggest that Bush is as ’soft on same-sex’ as Kerry is, and thereby to reduce a Bush core constituency’s eagerness to go to the polls."

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The New York Times called the Massachusetts senator "a man with a strong moral core" who "has qualities that could be the basis for a great chief executive." (Sunday, October 17)

I guess they didn’t see the attack on Mary Cheney or the rest of the morality based questions the Kerry stumbled through at the last debate.

Although I am a Catholic that is definitely not voting for Kerry because of his immoral public policy stances, I wouldn’t vote for him as a non-Catholic because he disobeys and disregards many of the basic tenants of that faith that he trumpets so much from being an altar boy to the jungles of Vietnam. The guy doesn’t believe in his own faith.

Most Christians would view a daughter "coming out" as a tragedy. They would not reject or abandon her but they would look long and hard at themselves and ask how they failed. For every "Christian" who turns on the Bush-Cheney ticket over this, there are a hundred who are horrified at what Kerry and Edwards have done. The fact they adopted this foolish tactic is a sign of the deep bigotry Kerry, Edwards and the secular left crowd they run with towards Christians, conservatives or any traditionally minded religious group. They have bought into the lie of "homophobia."

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