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Should we tolerate radical Islam?

Since he is too much of a gentleman to promote his own writing, I have to let you all know that my colleague David Foster has written an excellent piece for another web site on whether those who support a free society should feel obligated to tolerate radical Islam. Anyone who loves political thought and is concerned about how to deal with Islamists in the West should read this piece. Be prepared, it’s serious.

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I could not access the article, though it sounds quite interesting. I am not sure if the fault lies in the link or with my computer....?

After a first reading I am inclined to disagree with Mr. Foster because of this: who is to define tolerance? Gay activists would define the Catholic church as intolerant and therefore deserving of the same sort of scrutiny that Mr. Foster would place on Islam. Most gun grabbers view the private ownership of various, and sometimes all, firearms as intolerable in what they deem to be a civilized society. So should we write off the 2nd Amendment in the name of tolerance of these peoples misguided views? I think not. Just as we should not write off the 1st Amendment because of some religious agitators.

So, yes, we must endure the firey speeches of deranged mullahs but we must also be very clear in that if you act on such seditious hatred then you will be met with an overwhelming force. Maybe even pre-emptively so.

I truely believe Mr. Foster hit the nail on it’s head.

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