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You have probably heard that the Sinclair Broadcasting Group plans to air on its 62 stations a documentary on John Kerry’s antiwar activities, and their effect on American POWs in Vietnam. The left is, needless to say, up in arms about it, despite the fact that the Sundance Channel is airing an entire lineup of anti-Bush programming in the weeks leading up to the election.

What you may not have heard is the reaction of one Kerry campaign operative when asked by Fox News to comment on the impending broadcast: "They’d better hope we don’t win." The campaign has since claimed that no threat was intended. Uh-huh.

So, first there are attacks on Republican headquarters in various parts of the country. Now hints of retaliation by a Kerry administration against a media outlet. It really makes you wonder just what kind of people we’re dealing with here.

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The frightening thing about utopians, including any of those who ’know’ what’s best for the rest of us, is that ultimately they’re able to rationalize any act, no matter how brutal or evil, in order to achieve their vision of ’heaven on earth’.

The leadership of the left-wing of the Democratic Party is on that slippery slope, and it seems no one has the moral clarity or courage to pull them back. Censorship, voter fraud, intimidation, assault, burglery, propaganda, slander - the list continues to grow as the Party of Hate morphs into the Party of Violence. The Forth Estate has abandoned any pretense it serves as a check on the powerful and has entered fully into the game of power. And, like any religon, the Democrats reserve their greatest hatred for the heretic, so Zell Miller, Ed Koch, et. al. are reviled and marginalized

It’s all very frightening for any believer in the superiority of the two party system. I wish I could feel optimistic about a renaissance within the Party, but it seems intent on becoming ever more radical.

"Makes you wonder just what kind of people we’re dealing with ... " ???

"Wish I could feel optimistic about a renaissance in the [Democratic] party ... " ???

With all due respect, gentleman, the train left the station years ago. The Democratic party is unreformable and dominated by bullies and extremists. What in God’s name else is there to say about it?

Don’t outsmart yourselves and make things more complicated than they are!

On there is a web poll about whether people think that it is a violation of "equal time laws" to air the anti-Kerry documentaries. 69% said that it was a violation, yet nothing was said when Michael Moore’s Farenheit 9-11 came out? How ironic????

Makes you wonder? No, I don’t wonder at all, thank you.

Lori raises an excellent point. Moore did not even really make a "documentary" per se. It was admittedly political screed to smear Bush and its release and that of its DVD were planned intentionally to coincide with the election.

Moreover, if Kerry is still such a proud 60s radical who protested Vietnam, meet with the enemy, denounced all soldiers as war criminals, and threw away his medals, ribbons, awards, pins, honorable mentions, or whatever, why not allow a documentary of this activity to air for the American people to see?

This is just another case of Kerry’s inconsistencies. He is so easy to embrace an ideal when it benefits him, yet, when it could cause him harm he claims it is wrong. Would you really expect anything else from him??

I do get a kick out of this outrage.

I was reading about it last night as I turned on my television. On PBS, I see a one-hour documentary (the title of which escapes me) about Bush v. Kerry. Bush is portrayed as sneaky, dishonest, and basically vile. Kerry is the ray of light, honest, trustworthy, and principled. Lordy, they’re interviewing Clarke for his opinions.

Then I switched, later, to Nightline, which dealt with prescription drugs. The drug companies are thieves, and Bush is their friend.

Yeah, let’s get the government to shut down those one-sided anti-Kerry shows.


This is simple, "free speech for me but not for thee". That is what Democrats believe.

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