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USS Virginia commissioned

The U.S. Navy commssioned a new attack submarine yesterday, the U.S.S. Virginia. It is the "the lead ship of its latest class of fast-attack submarines specifically designed for post-Cold War security threats. The $2.2 billion, nuclear-powered USS Virginia differs from other submarines because it can not only roam the deep blue ocean but also get close to shore in shallow water, which Navy officials say is important in fighting terrorism." Very cool. Read on.

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As we realize that the price we pay for foreign bases is growing all the time we will depend more and more on carrier battle groups to project our power. Since many of those we might be in opposition to are buying the new non-nuclear but very quiet subs, our anti-sub warfare needs will grow. These subs will serve a definite purpose.

I was going to say that albeit very cool, the US already has the most advanced subs in the world and the the $66 Billion could probably be used for technologies more suited to dealing with terrorists (more advanced drones or something)... but Mr. Wallis’ comment seems to make sense. Are you speaking of Arab countries acquiring these subs?

(These new subs might also be useful in Asia, particularly in regards to China and Taiwan.)

In what other ways are these subs well suited for the war on terrorism?

Shallow draft subs allow SEALs and other snake-eaters to insert vewy, vewy quietly to hunt wabbits.

Speaking of new military technologies, anyone know when that FA 22 Raptor fighter jet is going to be mobilized?

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