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Vice-Presidential Debate

I am attending the Vice-Presidential debate in Cleveland tonight. I’ll post comments here and elsewhere on the web later in the night.

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Nice to meet you Mr. Edwards... That should be the headline tomorrow. I loved the way Cheney let Edwards speak then did not respond. That was pretty powerful. Nothing to spin on that. Ha F’n HA. I hope people watched.

When you comment, I hope you’ll address Edwards constant refain of, "We’ve got a Plan!"...followed by no description of the Plan. Was that as irritating in person as it was listening on TV?

That is what we call in Texas, taking someone to the woodshed. A righteous beating. Done with a calm voice and only a slight smile but devastating. The trial lawyer was looking for an out fo court settlement.

Ifill could have asked him to answer her questions. And he could not go 1 minute under strict instructions to talk about himself and not mention his running mate by name. He blew it not once but twice.

And the Halliburton meme was so pitiful I thought ofr a second that fat ass Michale Moore had begun speaking through a medium for a second.

Man oh man how did he ever get elected to the Senate? Perhaps he can get a job, riding herd on ambulance chasers like he proposed as a solution. Let the lawyers policy the lawyers, I thought he was kidding at first...

Did I hear wrong or did Edwards at one time address Cheny as vice president-elect? Good night.

I heard that same "-elect" comment but I thought he said, "... the vice president and the president-elect," an obvious but extremely inaccurate reference to GWB. Pretty confusing both in presentation and how he’d make such a mistake.

The two things that I find the most amazing about the debates & democrates are these:
1. The dems don’t talk about the issues
or the content of the debates-just
how "presidental" John Kerry looked,
how "strong" Kerry and Edwards are.
And how "angry" GWB looked, and that
VP Cheney looked "grumpy and mean"
(this from Mary Beth Cahill)
Sorry, I don’t vote for someone
just because they look
2. The dems equate=9/ll with the war
on Terror(correctly so), and Iraq
with the war on Terror (also
correct, and then say if the above
two are true that republicans mean
that then Iraq = 9/11. And then
ta da, they accuse Bush/Cheny of
lying to the American people and
telling us that Sadam was to blame
for 9/11.

Hey where is Lori? She was the gal who said President Bush was such an embarassment to the world because his debating style wasn’t exceptional. So Edwards gets smoked and this guy is an ambulance chaser, they should be good at this stuff. Is she going to change her vote because her VP choice got beat?

That "debate" was so one-sided that it was embarrassing. Andrea Mitchell hit the nail on its head: "Cheney put Edwards in his place."

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