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Here a couple of thoughtful pieces on this
hysterica passio regarding the intelligence bill. The MSM is angry as it can be that something isn’t done and done now before it is too late, etc. And, how come the President isn’t using his great authority to make these few stubborn rogues in the House do his bidding? I have seen a few interviews with Sensenbrenner and Duncan Hunter and they didn’t seem so unreasonable to me. I don’t claim to know the ins and outs of all this, but it seems to me that

William Safire understands more of this than most and he isn’t simply pushing an agenda. His points about the Senate are especially worth noting. Also see Tom Donnely.

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The Safire article is pretty good. I have a question that I think should be central to the debate, yet I haven’t seen addressed anywhere, by anyone.

Until Goss cleans the place up and, perhaps, makes it functional, why on earth would we want to concentrate even more operational authority in the CIA? Until they prove themselves to be the preeminent intelligence agency, why should they be placed at the top of the food chain?

I’d hate the see the intelligence community restructured on the basis of ideals, rather than operational realities and competence.

The liberal establishment regards conservative Republicans as second-class human beings who never have a good idea or a good motive. Thus the grossly biased coverage of this issue.

There is no mystery there. The mystery is why Bush is trying to ram something through that the liberal hacks on the
9-11 Commission and in Congress support, against the opposition of the Joint Chiefs. Once again, the conscientious conservative scratches his head and wonders: Can this man distinguish between his friends and his enemies?

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