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Salvation Army vs. Target

Joseph Knippenberg gently attacks Target for no longer allowing the Salvation Army to ring their bells in front of their stores. The spirit of Christmas is the loser. Spitbull has more, with good links.

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"Gently" doesn’t do it with these corporate pigs. We need to get their attention, and if not their attention, the public’s.

Walk into their stores and tell them why you won’t be buying anything there, then walk out.

Then stand outside and picket.

amen to that - I was disappointed with K-Lo’s tepid reaction to this news on NRO’s "Corner." We are conservatives, not cheerleaders for soulless materialism.

Hey, friend! Not just conservatives! I find it very sad that Target has sunk so low . . . I’m sure there have to be SOME liberals out there who have a problem with this (I mean, probably not in the ACLU . . . but elsewhere . . . maybe . . . somewhere . . . ). :) It seriously does make me think about how unfortunate it would be if other corporations followed this terrible example . . .

"Distraction-free enviroment"??? Since when has helping the needy been a distraction?

Target’s response to my email indicating I planned to boycott Target.

From: "Target Guest Relations"
To: "Chris Ashbrook"
Subject: Inquiry to Target Guest Relations
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:10:51 -0600

Subject: The Salvation Army

Dear Chris,

Like many nationwide retailers, Target Corporation has a long-standing
solicitation" policy that it consistently applies to all organizations
across all of its stores.

We receive an increasing numberof solicitation inquiries from
organizations and other groups each year and determined that if we
to allow the Salvation Army to solicit then it opens the door to any
groups that wish to solicit our guests. While some of our guests may
welcome the opportunity to support their favorite charity or cause,
allowing these organizations to solicit means that Target would also
to permit solicitation by organizations whose cause or behavior may be
unacceptable to our guests.

We notified the Salvation Army of our decision in January 2004, well in
advance of the holiday season, so the organization would have time to
alternative fundraising sources. Target also asked the Salvation Army
look at other ways that we could support their organization under our
corporate giving guidelines. To this date they have not provided a
that fits those guidelines.

Local Salvation Army chapters can apply for grants through their local
Target stores. For decades, many non-profit organizations across the
country have successfully worked with Target in this manner. We are
the Salvation Army to work with us in the same exact manner as the
groups and organizations who ask to solicit our guests.

This decision in no way diminishes Target Corporation’s commitment to
communities. Target has one of the largest corporate philanthropy
in America, donating more than $2 million per week and hundreds of
thousands of volunteer hours each year to the communities in which it


Jennifer Hanson
Target Executive Offices

Is it really true that all solicitors must be allowed if any are? On private property? Sounds wrong. If true, it’s another one of the left’s many crimes against this country via judicial activism.

I’m with Matt. It’s not just conservatives, by any means, that are bothered by this action by Target.

David Frisk’s contorted reasoning that somehow this action by the Target Corporation is "another one of the left’s many crimes against this country via judicial activism" - well, that’s absurd.

This phrase "judicial activism" can simply be translated into "any legal opinion that bothers the right-wing." If a legal opinion is issued that the right finds favorable, then, of course, that’s a strict, reasonable and judicious application of the law, correct?? Sandbox partisanship.
Really, could it get much more transparent?

The truth is that fag groups have been going after the Salvation Army here in Minnesota. One large case has ended up in court.

One group called "Celebration Army," solicited using red kettles to fund meals for people afflicted with HIV-AIDS. The Salvation Army filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis on Oct. 11 to stop the parody. Celebration Army was the brainchild of Charlie Rounds, president and co-founder of St. Louis Park-based RSVP Productions Inc., a travel agency that charters ocean cruises for pink pole sucking gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people. RSVP is a strong supporter of GLBT and AIDS organizations in the Twin Cities, according to its Web site. But apparently hates the Salvation Army. Hah! Yes! It’s all a plan to send the homos on vacation! Stop feeding the hungry and sending the homos on vacation! This sounds like their number one priorities.

“Gee, could some of those requests be coming from homosexual activists, who have had the Salvation Army in their gun sights since the charity decided to uphold marriage and refuse to fund homosexual relationships?” asked Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America’s Culture & Family Institute. “Perhaps the organizers of a campaign created as a parody of the Salvation Army were among them?”
Boycott Target."

The homepage of GayDC, a Washington, D.C.-based homosexual activist Web site, is calling for a boycott of two Washington-area grocery store chains, Giant Food and Safeway, because they welcome the Salvation Army’s bell ringers. Boycott Target Boycott Mervyn’s and any other story the shits on this fine institution.

The Salvation Army has been doing good work for years and if someone else’s values down play Christian values than you prick liberals all stand and cheer and we have another American culture ritual torn down. It makes me sick. Do these nut jobs think that the NAACP should be forced to allow KKK members? Hell no. Boycott Target

The bottom line is that Target gave into these fudgepackers and their hate America first religions racisim. Boycott Target

Will the Salvation Army loose money? Of course they will. A year of planning can not replace the millions that are lost. Money needed to FEED THE NEEDY!

Yes boycott Target. Boycott these leftist pricks. Happy Holidays my butt. It’s called Christmas because of Christ’s birth not because some limp wristers wanted to decorate a tree for their gerbils before they shoved them up their ass. Boycott Target

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