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The Hollywood funk

is in a bit of a funk. They are contemplating--as best they can--whether or not they are out of touch with the American people. They conclude, no, not really. Amusing, unintentionally. (via Powerline).

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Last night on the Phil Hendrie show the host imitated one of his regular characters, a Beverly Hills restaurant owner with close ties to the entertainment industry. He claimed that Hollywood is so upset with the results of the election that they are considering closing off the Academy Awards to the public. They would also increase the price of movie tickets. Hollywood is deeply offended by the public’s lack of respect for its political views and will retaliate.

It’s interesting to see that Lawrence O’Donnell’s head is still evidently exploding. What Democratic politician out there can help break the vicious cycle of rage and denial in which these people have trapped themselves? Something tells me it ain’t Hillary. Evan Bayh, maybe?

What Hollowood just doesn’t get is it’s not about them. Only a few people even care what they think. And thinking people don’t take too much stock in the opinions of people who make their living by pretending to be someone they aren’t.

I could probably get them all on the morning flight to Paris. France has a superiority complex even worse than the Red Carpet crowd. It should be an interesting time getting through customs.

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