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Volvos and professors

Nice little essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education on Volvos, professors and politics (oh yes, and students).

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I’ll guess "Prof.Pilger" may teach rat heah at UNC-CH. To which I say "Bravo"

Interesting to note that "Kerry/Edwards" stickers were plastered on many Volvo’s, Saab’s, big ticket SUV’s(unconsciously placed on the "left" side of the rear bumper, in most cases), while "Bush/Cheney" stickers were on many pickups, Chevy’s,etc. So much for the Democrats being the party of the poor.

Good article.

When in "graduate school" at the OSU Department of "Education" (those terms are used very loosely since my public high school - which was horrible - was more challenging than that drivel), I took a "course" on special ed. The "professors" emphasized that one could not use "learning-disabled students" but rather "students who are learning-disabled" because the focus was on the student, not the disability. Students, like me, who ignored this post-modern nonsense were summarily rewarded with an "F." Likewise, we had two pages of reading every week (pretty challenging, huh?) and a one-page paper response, in which we had to figure out some way to be "inclusive" of this student in a regular classroom. When I wrote a paper arguing that the learning-disabled students (whoops!) should probably not be in a school setting, I was, you guessed it, rewarded with an "F." When I played their mind-control game and turned off all of my critical thought, I received an "A" for the rest of the term.

Interesting post Mr. Williams. It does seem that the "Body Snatchers" and their pods reside in the ivory towers of academia.

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