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Colbert I. King, not exactly a Bush supporter, starts to wonder why Codi Rice is being caricatured by Senator Boxer, et al, as if she were Bush’s parrot, or "little more than a diligent echo of Bush’s thought." He smells racism. It is likely that in delaying a full senate vote on her
nomination because they needed more time for debate, so they said, the Democrats are making a mistake: the more they say now--along the lines of Boxer--the more their words will be turned, and will haunt them in future elections.

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It would appear, again, that few understand the basics of a republican form of government. We elect people to govern. Once they are elected, the people they hire to help them govern work for them - especially the cabinet. If Condi Rice is perceived to be a reflection the President, so what! She should be. Failing to have someone working for you who supports your policies is stupid.

I wrote this to the moron er senator from California

Dear Senator,

Recently you stated in an interview that Dr. Rice attacked you during the confirmation hearings. You stated that she didn’t answer your question and she was employing a technique that is used when a person doesn’t have a response and they are trying to dodge the question.

Actually, you didn’t ask a question. You made a statement about your opinion. You stated that Dr. Rice had sacrificed the truth in an attempt to sell going to war in Iraq. You are certainly entitled to ask questions of this nature. How ever, if you do you should be prepared.

Dr. Rice’s response to you was an exact in kind response to your assertion. It was in context. Dr. Rice was responding to your attempt to raise questions about her integrity. Had she not responded the way she did she whould have been doing what you claim she was doing in your interview. Instead she met you head on. Your response was retreat.

I suppose your real motive was to create a 5 o’clock sound bite but it back fired on you. It seems to me that you weren’t really trying to engage Dr. Rice in a debate about the issues of the Iraq war or even her integrity. I don’t think you have the fortitude do that. Instead I think you were playing for the cameras.

If I’m wrong and you were really trying to engage Dr. Rice on the subject of the intelligence and the presentaion of that intelligence why did you make a statement about her integrity? If I’m wrong and you were trying to engage her in a debate about her integrity then why are you lying about that now? Damage control?

I have to say that if you really thought that you could win a debate with Dr. Rice about integrity your intelligence is in deed very shallow.

Also, regardless of position or politics I have a high regard and respect for all U.S. Senators. But you seem to be be incapable of rising to a minumum level of integrity required of your office.


I’d be cautious of throwing out the charge of racism. It appears that someone is trying to construct a strawman to generally decry the essentially democratic principles at work here---the democrats seem to have wanted the floor so the could debate POLICY. Gee, do they have the right to express opposition to US foreign and military policy? Or are they just being angry racists?

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