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Good News from Iraq

Arthur Chrenkoff continues his good work by noting all the good that’s going on in Iraq; many good links to follow. The point is that the vast majority of Iraqis are very interested in making this thing work, and are working hard at it. As a number of linked newstories reveal, the folks running the elections are quite organized and determined. It goas almost without saying that what the ordinary MSM news should emphasize is how remarkable it is that this is taking place at all, rather than placing the emphasis on how the turnout in a few provinces might be minimal. After all, why should we expect their elections to be on par with Cook County Beverly Hills at the first go?

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What to Do If You Find Yourself
in a Pit of Quicksand:

1. Remain calm. Panic doesn’t help.

2. Assess the situation.

3. Whatever the result of the assessment, DO NOT leave the quicksand. This is the same as admitting you made a mistake.

4. Stay the course. Your friends and enemies will gain respect for you if you persevere.

5. Ask others to join you in the quicksand.

6. If nobody joins you, never mind: continue in the same direction, deeper into the pit.

7. Talk about something else. Maybe nobody will notice you’re sinking.

Wow I think you completley missed the boat with that one... Too bad for you America is not going in the wrong direction. Too bad for you we did not make a mistake in Iraq. Hmmm let’s "assess the situation," shall we? Saddam Hussein is gone. He is no longer there to tortur and kill thousands of innocent civilians. I wonder, how that could possibly be a bad thing... Maybe I just don’t get it. But for some reason or another I seem to think that removing a despot, a dictator, a ruthless killing machine from power is a good thing. Perhaps I am simply naive... Maybe gratuitous killing is a good thing. In which case I’ve been missing the mark this whole time. In which case then why did we fight Hitler? Hmmm...

Whoa!! Hold on there, Mr. Stone!!! Hussein was/is a "ruthless killing machine" (italics yours)????
It’s amazing how much he looks like a real, live homo sapiens. Do you know where he was made? How does "it" grow a beard like that - it looks so real and life-like! Was it the same people who did the special effects for Terminator 2, or those scientists at Sony who are making those walking, talking robots? Why haven’t I read about this before? Liberal media bias again, I suppose...

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