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Bush’s immigration plan

Tamar Jacoby makes a case for Bush’s immigration plan as a "conservative" plan. The whole immigration issue, and Bush’s plan in particular, merits serious conversation. I am not yet ready to have it (too busy!), so I’m sticking this out there, and will add a few other things during the next few days. And then, maybe, we can talk, if anyone is interested.

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President Bush’ proposal for a guest worker program is very sensible, but only if paired with a credible effort to control our borders.

People who are here to work should be documented, and placed on a path to getting a green card and citizenship, if they want it. People who are here illegally not to work should be documented and expelled. Would-be illegal immigrants should be kept out at all costs.

The legal mechanisms for gaining legal immigrant status should be streamlined. Three-year waits for a green card are common, and ridiculous. The illegal mechanisms for gaining entry should be shut down. As things are now, they are a very attractive option, compared to the three years or more to "do it right."

I am very concerned that President Bush supports documenting and welcoming those who are already here illegally, but has no sincere support for keeping more from coming. His promise to provide for 2000 more Border Patrol agents, but failure to fund them, smells of a smoky backroom shell game. That, to me, is the biggest disappointment for an otherwise outstanding leader of our nation.

A "conservative" immigration plan is one that substantially reduces both illegal and legal immigration from Mexico, and creates powerful incentives for assimilation among the legal immigrants already here. Anything else, Bush’s plan included, is at best a tinkering with the status quo, and more likely yet another step in the wrong direction.

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