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Bush’s State of the Union address was strong, straightforward, and effective. The moment of the hug of the American mother and the Iraqi voter was full of eloquence and meaning. That a dead Marine’s mother could hug the woman for whom he gave his life explains everything and it is that idea and image that explains the Cowboy’s actions and the reason why. Ineradicable moment. A very fine speech altogether. Social Security reform is the politics of this season and judguing by the Demos response, Bush will win this one too. I note in passing that Harry Reid talked about a Marshall Plan for America, and if you think of the devastating effects of the war on Europe and the growling bear from the East and what the Marshall Plan did--and then think of America as you find it today--you will realize that Reid said something very stupid and very revealing about where the Democratric Party stands today, what they are thinking about, and why they are going to continue to lose elections.
I am absolutely confident that the sensible part of that Party are embarrased by that comment. I note in passing that President Bush kissed Senator Lieberman, unscripted. It is no wonder that my young son said, "I love this guy."

Here is Lucas Morel’s quick take on the speech. Also note comments by Richard Reeb, Joe Katzman, and note this AP report on the speech; it’s really an editorial. Amazing. And, in case you still think Bush is an idiot with no sense of humor, note this comment from the WaPo’s Reliable Source, as reported by Tom Brokaw:

We already knew about the President’s opening quip to the former Bill Clinton aide -- "Welcome back to the White House, George. We’ll have to make sure that we count the silverware" -- but Brokaw recounted an even sharper jape. Discussing his upcoming State of the Union address, Bush told the assembled media heavies: "I’m prepared. I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to sit in the back of the limo on the way to the Capitol and rewrite my speech. Know what I mean, George?"

Yesterday, Stephanopoulos told us: "If I’m going to go through my rookie hazing, it might as well be from the commander in chief." [This refers to Clinton’s tendency to have sections of his speeches re-written in the limo on the way to the event, including the State of the Union.]

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