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Condi: "I won’t run in 2008"

On various news programs this weekend, Condi Rice says: "I won’t run in 2008".

No Condi, no Jeb, no Cheney.

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Yet, reports are that Karen Hughes is going to be Undersecretary of State for Public Affairs. If true, I think that speaks louder than a few words on a Sunday talk show.

Not really. It just means that Bush likes Karen Hughes and thinks, probably wrongly, that she will do a good job in her new position. The appointment of Hughes says nothing about whether Condi will run for anything.

I think that Condi probably means what she says. She might want to be president, but I don’t think she wants to run, which is the only way to become president. If she doesn’t want to run, she won’t. There has been one genuine, successful draft in modern presidential history: Goldwater in 1962-64. I don’t believe we’ll see this again.

Cheney is a great guy, and Jeb is at least an OK guy. But politically, as presidential nominees had that happened, they would have been weak. The fact that they’re out of the ’08 race is neither surprising nor unfortunate.

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