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Henry Clay and his horses

We, of course, know Henry Clay as either the "Great Compromiser," or, as Lincoln described the man as "him whom, during my whole political life, I have loved and revered as a teacher and a leader." (1861) Or, as Mr. Lincoln put it, in a debate with Douglas: "Henry Clay, my beau ideal of a statesman, the man for whom I fought all my humble life." (1858) Anyway, it turns out that
Henry Clay had some good horses at Ashland. The blood of his two foundation mares and his foundation stallion pulsed through the veins of not less than 12 Kentucky Derby winners. I didn’t know that. Thanks to Jay.

UPDATE: A number of people have written me about my reference to Ashland. They thought I was being clever. I was, but not the way they think. Ashland, in Lexington, Kentucky, is the name of Henry Clay’s estate. Also my city in Ohio is called Ashland. My Ashland was originally named Uniontown, and was renamed Ashland in 1822 because Henry Clay was their hero. So Ashland in Ohio is named after Clay’s estate in Kentucky. I have explained all this here.

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Ahem. That would be Ashland, Kentucky.

Ashland, KY is too hilly to raise horses. If you go to Lexington, KY you can tour some of Clay’s old estate. It is named Ashland. Ashland, KY is nowhere near Lexington, KY.

I am curious as to how you know of Ashland, KY. My parents are from around Louisa, KY.

Steve: We are not talking about the city of Ashland in Kentucky (on the river). We are talking about Ashland, the name of the estate of Henry Clay in Lexington, Kentucky.

I know, I saw it when I attended a graduation at UK.
My parents and brother toured it last year. They said it was pretty nice. I guess his house burned down and they rebuilt it. Oddly enough, the slave quarters did not burn down and are original.
Richard seemed confused, I wanted to help him.

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