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Cars and political parties

O.K., this is deep stuff. Some great minds in market research, are trying to figure out what kinds of cars Democrats and Republicans prefer. Volvos are liked by Democrats (as are Saabs), but as Volvo stresses performance more in its advertising, more Republicans buy it. Republicans like Porches, and American made cars, except Pontiacs, which Demos like. There is more such stuff, for what its worth.

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Interesting. I read the whole thing. It came as no surprise to me that environment-friendly cars were bought more by Demos than Republicans. Actually, once thought about it, not much of the article is a surprise to me. Interesting nontheless.

We should show the UAW who’s buying all their cars.

Interesting. A professor at my school once actually posed the question, just for fun, as to whether it’s redundant to put a Kerry/Edwards sticker on a Toyota Prius. (Turns out he was talking about his own Prius.) I didn’t have the audacity to say it to anyone but a few close friends, but I think it’s more redundant to put a Kerry/Edwards sticker on the same car as a university faculty parking pass.

Like seeing an Atilla the Hun ’08 sticker on an Ashbrook professor’s (or Claremont Institute’s) car.

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