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Symposium on the Pope

NRO has a symposium on the Pope, among those contributing a few paragraphs each are: Bill Bennett, Ed Capano, Robert P. George, Rick Santorum, James Schall, et al. Also see this by Daniel Henninger, who considers the favorable and good media coverage, from Larry King on down, and asks, "Where were you people when he needed you?"

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Perhaps - the New York Times et al., have certainly only given this pope a three-day grace period. While they applaud his political accomplishments, they revile his theology. John Paul, the author of Veritatis Splendor would not be surprised that the forces of post-modern moral relativism are attacking him (though ironically with a hard-line orthodoxy about free sexuality and women’s rights).

Henninger’s article wasn’t worth the read.

He asks the media elite where they were when the Pope needed them. But that presupposes a commonality of interests, where none existed.

Ultimately, doctrinaire Catholicism must sharply collide with a post-modern, post-Christian and post-heroic world view.

For those that were taught truth belongs in quotation marks, John Paul the Great was a metaphysical prig. I am surprised at the level of coverage, but if the MSM slighted the death and the funeral, there would be a howl across America.

When Lincoln died, I think it was his War minister, {Stanton} who was heard to utter: "And now he belongs to the ages...." The story may be more mythical than factual, but nonetheless, it was the kind of statement THAT OUGHT to have been uttered. And so today, we too can say of the late Karol Wojtyla, once priest, once bishop, once Cardinal and Prince of the Church, and one time Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church, he has crossed the river, gone beyond our gaze, and entered into eternal glory.

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