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Twice monthly, the Rasmussen Report publishes its Hillary Meter  . The purpose of the meter is to measure whether public opinion has shifted in its view of whether Hillary is Liberal, Moderate, or, Conservative. This week Hillary is viewed as liberal by 47%, moderate by 32%, and, gasp, conservative by 8%. Hillary’s desire to be perceived as moderate has lost ground the last two weeks, as her 47% liberal rating this week is up from 43% two weeks ago. As Ben Stein would say, wow.

The poll also shows that 30% would vote for Hillary for President today and 40% say they would vote against Hillary. 23% say it would depend on her opponent. I think that means she is a polarizing figure. The unreported 7% must be from Michigan as it’s 35 degrees here today.

Who pays Rasmussen to do these things?

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You overlook the role of the media in shaping her image. As well as in conditioning the people in accepting the creature as their President.

Today, on Drudge, there is a link to a story in the British Telegraph that relates how the BBC sent hecklers in to disrupt the leader of the Tories during a political address to his party. The media cannot control their radical passions any longer. If you think the coverage of the media of the campaigns in 2000, and ’04 was appalling, WAIT TILL YOU SEE WHAT THEY HAVE IN STORE FOR ’08.

They are determined to turn back the GOP realignment, and to deliver power over to the creature.

Personally I find Democrats to be subversive as well as seditious. Your lack of respect and your vitriolic voices are killing America and actually taking the lives of our troops. That is my opinion. You must go and read up on yourselves and then grow up to be decent human beings.
The Truth About Democrats is on my Website. Go read and understand your out of the BOX!

Marie, I really hope your post is a joke of some kind. We’re seditious??! How is it that even though WE’RE the ones who want to bring American troops home, we’re also getting accused of "taking the lives of our troops?" "Go along with President, never question anything, just be obedient and shut up, otherwise you’re a traitor," is basically what you’re saying. Talk about vitriol. "Your outside of the BOX!" Oh no! Is that supposed to be an insult? Learn basic grammar before your next post, ok? And STOP CALLING us traitors. I am REALLY sick of that. I do not like Bush and I do not like his war, but that does NOT make me a traitor.

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