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Ron Brownstein, of the Los Angeles Times argues that there is an opening for a third party in this internet era. He builds on Joe Trippi’s (of Howard Dean’s candidacy fame) use of the internet as a starting point (and maybe the stopping point) for the idea. The short of it this: There is now easy and cheap entry because of the internet. Independent candidates can raise a lot of money very quickly with almost invested, and the two parties are persuing startegies that leave openings, that is both parties are ceding the middle ground. And that middle ground would be the basis of any new party or parties. Utterly unpersuasive, in my opinion. This is still thinking in old parameters, and the Bush presidency has (or at least is trying) created a new one: Stand for something, widen your base, and keep attuned to your core. Besides, Brownstein is just hoping that a GOP-Demo ticket of McCain and former Dem Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska team-up and confuse things. No chance, unless it is over an issue like illegal immigration wherin neither party is satisfying anyone (at the moment).

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Pray tell, just how are Bush and the rest of the motley crew running the GOP today "widening the base" by spending all their time arguing about Terri Schiavo, seven judges (out of 205), Tom DeLay’s fundraising and travel shenanigans, and borrowing massive amounts of money to carve private accounts out of Social Security???

Just where are those of us in the middle who care about real issues, like making sure Social Security is solvent, or that the budget deficit stops ballooning, or that America’s children have access to quality education, and health care, supposed to go? The GOP doesn’t seem to be worrying much about the large portion of its base that didn’t agree with Bill Frist’s "Justice Sunday" cameo, or the half that doesn’t think the rules in the Senate should be changed to put extremist ideological conservatives on the federal courts. Some of us don’t think compromise is a dirty word.

It’s true, we’ve been too quiet for much too long. That ends now, and both parties had better start paying attention to the middle majority, or they’ll both be finding themselves without it.

- Charging RINO

Whatever, troll. Bush has spent more on health care and education than anyone before him. Where to go indeed. How about to the Congressional Budget Office to look at some numbers. And who are your "extremist" judges that are being held up? 40% of the holds are directly the result of one Senator’s stated desire to put his cousin on the bench, and the other Democrats’ acquiescence in that nepotism. Miguel Estrada, a member of the Clinton Justice Department who was supported by Seth Waxman, was blocked because of his race. Julia Gibbons was held for mor ethan a year so that Ted Kennedy could influence the outcome of a specific case.

RINO? You aren’t even that...go to the Democrats...they’ll promise you anything you want and then screw you over once they’ve got their nice cushy government jobs (and they’ll turn around and make you feel guilty for questioning their ’sincerity’.)

RINO - I agree that there is potential for a party of the middle. One that is fiscally responsible, understands the importance of the separation of Church and State, looks out for the interest of the middle class, etc. Both parties seem to be selling out to lobbyists. It seems as if people’s opinions on an issue are more and more based on party loyalty instead of independent thought. I want my Government to be fiscally responsible, ethical, true to the Constitution, fair to people of all demographics, environmentally aware, etc. I would love to see a third party that cuts through and works for the interests of the people.

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