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I’m in a good hotel in Los Angeles--the carpet is thick, a gopher can get lost in it--and the big news here is that Antonio Villaraigosa has been elected mayor by a decisive majority. Everyone is very excited, not because he can do anything about the traffic (it took me over an hour to drive twenty five miles), but because he now gets the national presence he deserves, at least according to Liberals. One professor of Chicano studies said "he almost becomes an effective prime minister for Latinos of the Southwest." I bet Bill Richardson and Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado, never mind the mayors of San Antonio, San Jose, and Miami, may think a bit differently. Besides, prime minister has connotations that may need be explained later. Here is another paean to him.
The other state news has to do with the mayor of Oakland, Jerry Brown, who is about to be married
married. He will spend his honeymoon campaigning for state attorney general. The Democratic speaker of the Assembly Fabian Nunez calls Gov. Arnold dishonest, as they are gearing up for a fight over elements of a special election expected this year. Meanwhile, buried deep in the L.A. Times, is this about a hero of World War II, Jose M. Lopez. Mr. Lopez died. He was 94 years old. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor for single-handedly killing more than 100 German soldiers in a skirmish during the Battle of the Bulge. RIP.

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This is a disaster: Villain-Raigosa.

It’s puzzling that Hugh Hewitt endorsed him, enthusiastically, while cheerfully admitting that he’s far-left.

Just another step toward Aztlan?

Why is it that the MSM falls over itself to praise any liberal person who is a member of a minority group as "the first Hispanic mayor of LA," but almost refuses to acknowledge the progress made when a conservative minority is nominated or elected to some position? Listen carefully to the news reports.

"Prime Minister for Latinos of the Southwest." Yes, that’s one problem with Mr. V. One of many. His election as LA mayor is a very unhealthy development. It will almost certainly encourage Mexican nationalism in the United States, which is a deadly serious problem that will affect the whole country -- sooner rather than later.

This man’s elevation to the mayoralty of our country’s second-largest city is bad news, and could get even worse when the leftist Obrador becomes president of Mexico next year and begins looking for ways to make mischief north of the border.

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