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The Angry Humorist Strikes Again

Garrison Keillor goes the the full Moonbat about right-wing talk radio in The Nation.

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"Nobody cares what Rush Limbaugh said two days ago; it’s gone and forgotten..."-G. Keillor

It could also be said that nobody cares what Garrison Keillor said ’two minutes’ ago; it’s gone and forgotten.

Other than his "Lake Wobegone" tales, the rest of is show is pretentiously boring. Major snooze time.

"The full moonbat"?? I’ve been reading a lot lately about how the right is so indignant at being called "wing-nuts" or "religious nutcases" or whatever. But "the full moonbat" is what qualifies as respectful?

The great thing about all of this is that each person, from Garrison Keillor to Rush Limbaugh is completely entitled to voice their opinions - be they "respectful" or not. Freedom of speech - REAL freedom of speech - is not defined by political correctness or propriety or party line.

One of the facts of human nature is that we seek "our own kind." This does not necessarily mean to the exclusion of other "kinds", but it is usually the base to which we return. I find that, while many conservatives like myself prefer our TV news reporting from Fox, simply because they seem less unctious, many if not most also listen in to the "majors" and even Radio Sandinista (NPR). It is enjoyable picking out their contextual mistakes and false beginning premises. Many also read the various hard-copy or on-line opinion journals (NRO, Townhall, Weekly Standard, Claremont, Ashbrook and others) to get more thorough and thoughtful analysis. When I read The Nation at my local library, I again find myself faced with an assumptive smugness that is the turn-off I get from the majors and NPR. I was actually a very early adopter of Prairie Home Companion over 25 years ago, but lately have finally abandoned it because of Garrison’s weekly rants and put-downs of conservatives. Since these are delivered with the assured snide-ness that obviously derives from the security of being among fellow-travellers, it begs the question, "Does Garrison attend an evangelical church or watch O’Reilly since he’s obviously so secure on the commanding heights?" Garrison has simply become a slightly "sweeter" Al Franken

Garrison resents that an adjunct to freedom of speech is the freedom to not listen. That is why the left relies on coerced audiences.

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