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Note to those who comment

By and large, the comments at NLT are thoughtful and interesting, but sometimes we get comments from readers that are crude, base, vulgar, or in some way personal. I respectfully request that such comments not be posted. When they are, I will remove them. Thank you.

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Why, you, @!$#%#^$^$#^%!!!, how could you squelch freedom of expression like that?!? #$#^#^%$^% civility $^$&$&^$^$!!!!

Peter, by using libel, vulgarity, vile obscenities, ad hominem attacks, damaging epithets, threats of violence, extremist fatwas, fanatical screeds, profane denunciations, and petty sniping, we are just trying to take away the power of those words to hurt.

Your sensitivity campaign is insensitive, and marginalizes our transgressive discourse.

I shall critique you in whatever style please me, you, you, you gauche arrivistes!

It will be interesting to see what does and does not qualify as "crude, base, vulgar, or in some way personal" under Mr. Schramm’s scrutiny. The "in some way personal" aspect seems to leave a gaping chasm for interpretation, to say the least.

Peter is a kalos kagathos. I trust him, even without an extra dose of oxytocin, to the same sort of excellent (or was it questionable?) judgment he used when he invited me to join the blog.

Helen, in Peter’s defense, he posted that in response to a vulgar comment directed toward someone who disagreed with him. If your comment is intended to question his judgment or fairness, I think it misses the mark.

Helen, this is Peter’s/Ashbrook’s blog - if you don’t like his restrictions regarding basic civility, there are a few other blogs on the internet.

Amusing responses, mostly. The fellow who was crude in a comment, as I recollect, was not addressing me; that would be the least of it. I’d retort by telling him that "I desire nothing but odds with you," or "Three such antics do not amount to a man," or "Your villainy goes against my weak stomach, and therefore I must cast it up." (All from Henry V) Anyway, this is a minor matter, I only had to address it once before a few years back. Go to it, disagree about anything, and be civil. And if you don’t like that caveat, fie on thee, you fig of France!

Dear Peter, on a serious note: no left turns is a must-read (regularly) as far as I’m concerned. Keep up the good work (which includes maintaining civility in public discussion; BTW: Bertrand de Jouvenel has some wonderful comments on civility and free political life in Pure Theory of Politics: he quotes, inter alia, the great Burke.)

Let me guess... another vulgar liberal? Typical debate style of one who can’t make their point through reasoned discussion.

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