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Democrat exit strategy on Roberts

Ryan Lizza declares victory and moves on:

Why then did the president break with most of his known habits and instincts last night? A few theories:

The Democrats’ strategy of unified opposition and obstruction may finally have chastened the White House. Democrats have recently made life miserable for Bush. They have killed Social Security and ground the rest of Bush’s domestic agenda to a halt. They have eaten up weeks of valuable time in the Senate with their opposition to lower court nominees. They killed John Bolton’s nomination to be ambassador to the United Nations. Democrats have been warned by Republicans that their obstructionism will cost them at the polls, but it may have forced Bush into choosing a more conciliatory nominee. If O’Connor had resigned immediately after Bush’s reelection one has to imagine that Bush would have picked a more mischievous jurist. So while conservatives are hailing the Roberts pick, it may actually be a sign of Bush’s current weakness.

There’s more, but you can read the rest yourself, if you want.

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of the "tyranny of the minority," but I rather like to think of it as the cowering of moderation as an excuse to fight another day. This I have been hearing from GOP polls since Bush 41 suddenly figured out that working with a Democrat Congress, more often than not, usually resulted in his extended hand (in a kinder, gentler tone) being bitten!

Since then, we lower orders have heard the beckoning call: "Give us a working majority and we will get these things done!" Alas, they have a firm majority, but have succumbed to the wiles of historical ranting and precedent setting filibusters. How many more fingers will these rabid Democrats devour before those of the Frisk and Voinich-wing "get it"?

Too many, I’m afraid. Liberals great triumph is that they have no shame. Ours is that we have too much. Thus the minority rules the day.

Liberals have no shame? Are you listening to yourself? Republicans are the group that appoints judges with serious qualification problems. Only a shameless party would get 95% of their judicial nominees (qualified nominees) passed without a problem and call it "unified opposition and obstruction." You’re waging a semantic war that is flat untrue. Who’s the shameless party?

Oh, and who is the party who the majority of Americans support now?

From attempted dismissal for "pubic hairs in my coke" to Mr. "how you define ’is’", to "I voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it," don’t tell me that the Democrats have a sense of sham. Most don’t. As for the 95% appointment rate, those who have been blocked are ALL EMINENTLY QUALIFIED.

Eminiently qualified according to you. Not qualified according to the ABA and California Bar Assn. I’m inclined to believe the latter, considering I’ve read the appointee’s opinions where they try to change the language of legislation. It’s called an activist judge.

If this is new information to you, I recommend you get your news from another source besides Fox. It may be hard to hear the real facts about the world when they defeat your arguments, but, as they say, you’re entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts.

Republicans control the executive branch, the legislative branch and have appointed 2/3 of the judges to the Supreme Court and still they cannot get anything done. It is an absolute joke.

If the Republicans are so insistent on taking all these leadership positions they should actually try and lead.

The only thing the Republicans seem to be able to lead at the moment is lemmings off of a cliff.

Its odd to blame the party not in power for the ineptness of the party in power.

Reality Check...why don’t you live up to your name? I love the way liberals take over our institutions like viruses and then proceed to use the empty husk to pump out pure bilge. Dude, the ABA is made up of LAWYERS. They are predominantly liberal. The ABA’s standing committee has a known bias towards liberal judges...check it out for yourself. ABA’s Leftist Bias

And there’s a difference between the GOP and the Conservative movement, as you well know. Conservatives do NOT control the best maybe 30 to 40%. We have lots of RINOs, and they DO get in the way...but we’re learning. It won’t be long now.

Dain, thanks for the link.

Question: is it the ABA’s liberal bias or the right-wing’s tendancy to produce activist judges?

RC...I just gotta know. What do you mean by the "right-wing’s tendency to produce activist judges?" Do you have examples of this?

It is interesting that one of the filibustered justices, Janice Rogers Brown, was retained by the liberal state of California by a bigger margin than re-elected Barbara Boxer. Until the ABA and CBA rate judges less by their liberal credentials and more by their jurisprudence consistency, the low ranking by the ABA is really a badge of honor. I found reading about Judge Brown’s writings refreshing; see this link

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