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Hugh Hewitt links to this online quiz, which tests to see what sci-fi or fantasy character you are most like. I am Elrond. The
Powerline guys are Yoda. I suspect Schramm will turn out to be Aragorn or James T. Kirk (two other high scoring options).

The top-scoring character is Galadriel. Perhaps Bush can name her to the Supreme Court.

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Yoda I am.

Only if you know she’s a solid conservative vote, I mean, she is an elf after all, and that’s a long time on the Galadriel elvish for Souter?

Hey, it turns out that I’m Galadriel. I’ll be waiting for notice of my nomination.

Well, Dean,it looks like Galadriel is elvish for . . . John Moser!

Robert Alt is Yoda. No one else is even close.


I’m Jean Luc Picard. He’s not French is he?


You’re in deep trouble. Piccard was a bureaucrat where Kirk had been a captain. Last man stuff. That’s what you get for reading too much Nietzsche in graduate school.

But don’t worry too much: I am sure Harry Neumann, if he took this quiz, would come out as Gollum.

Actually, I’m George Constanza and did the opposite. So don’t worry.

I scored as Galadriel also. There must be an error in the programming.

I got Marcus Cole from Babylon5.

Just for grins I went through it again and picked the answers that were of the opposite nature of what I picked the first time. I ended up as Mr. Morden also from Bablyon5

How timely, I’m Harry Potter.

Steve, I was Elrond too.

Hrmm, yes. Yoda am I, as well.

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